The House That Loved Parties

“There were rumors about this couple – aren’t there always when a hint of magic whiffs through a community? It was said that these folks were “creative types,” lovers of all things beautiful, especially Nature. Some people said they were semi-hermits living in a strange house. Others said they were subversives plotting the overthrow of anything stark and drab and ugly. It was also said they were generous to a fault and you were most fortunate if you could call them friends. Through a series of coincidences (really, though, is there any such thing?) I did come to call these joyous people friends. It started with a purchase of their paintings (they actually were creative types) and eventually I was invited to their wondrous home on the most gorgeous piece of property I’d ever seen. They called it “The House That Loved Parties” because they enjoyed inviting friends over, decorating, cooking glorious dishes, encouraging inspiring and insightful conversations.

There really is something to aspiring to a life lived in light.”

Watercolor, Ink & Acrylic Framed Original

Raven Rocks Studio

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